About us


February 24 russia has started full-scale invasion of the independent country - Ukraine. Please support Ukraine, which is fighting for freedom for the whole Europe, by donating to Ukrainian Army: Come Back Alive Foundation

We are a children's bookstore Mayak Amsterdam. Mayak means "lighthouse" in Ukrainian. 

We carefully select books that can help to get through difficult moments. For example, moving to another city, changes in a family composition, adaptation to school, self-confidence.


Reading with kids is an opportunity to start a conversation on difficult topics: emotions, immigration, injustice, feminism, birth and death, disabilities, human rights, ecology, social status, gender, sex education and more.
This is a moment to learn about the world, other people and other cultures.

Reading is also just an enjoyable quality time with your child. After all, you can read a kind or funny story, laugh together and say something very important.


Everyone who has moved to another country and culture, no matter what the reason is, analyses and tests their identity. 

We want our community abroad to be open to other cultures, accept the world in its all diversity and don’t be hesitant to share their stories, too, feel confident here in such difficult time.

Here you will find such books. And if it is difficult to choose, if you want to donate a book or gift a book to your Ukrainian friend - contact us, we will help.

Olena from Mayak.