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Support Ukraine postcard

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Illustrator - Albina Kolesnichenko (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

On the back of the postcard - QR code to Come Back Alive fund.

You can easily donate with this code and share this postcard with others to encourage them to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Also, 100% revenue from postcards go to volunteers from illustrators' hometowns. Volunteers risking their lives to help people to get food and medicine in cities on the frontline.

Chernihiv is a city in northern Ukraine. Chernihiv was first mentioned in 907. It was one of the chief towns of Kyivan Rus’. 

Now locals live in a humanitarian crisis for weeks with no electricity, no heating, no water. Thousands of buildings are destroyed. 

Chernihiv mayor: City completely destroyed, it is easier to count those buildings that have survived. Over 200 civilians killed.